Brad Mayhew served as lead Investigator on the Interagency Yarnell Hill Fire Serious Accident Investigation Team (2013) and wrote the Yarnell Hill Fire Case Study (2014). He has led and consulted on investigations nationwide. Other investigations include Pagami Creek (2010), Coal Canyon (2010), and Freezeout Ridge (2014), as well as other interagency, interregional, and international investigations.

Brad has a master’s degree in Human Factors and System Safety from Lund University in Sweden. He teaches Human Factors, accident investigation methods, and Operational Risk and Resilience.

Brad served on the U.S. Forest Service Los Padres Hotshot Crew and Santa Ynez Helitack Crew, and today he serves as a wildland firefighter in southern California.

Brad was awarded the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) Paul Gleason Lead By Example Award for Initiative and Innovation (2007), and he authored the Human Factors section of the Incident Response Pocket Guide. You will find his work in Firehouse and FireRescue Magazines, as well as national interagency fire training videos, and